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Northern Virginia based artist, J (Just J) Douglas, has been honing his artistic skills his entire life.  This native Texan started his career as a portrait artist in 1976, but worked only in black and white.  In 2008, J met and watched Henry Asencio paint in person.  He was so inspired by Henry, that he bought all of the supplies to paint in oils, and has never looked back.  Henry and J have become friends through the years and continue to inspire each other.   His award winning equestrian work began in 2010 when his wife, Cindy Battino, asked him to create a few horse paintings for his next show.  That was the catalyst that sparked his love for the horse.  You will find his work in palaces, presidential homes, estates, resorts, galleries and many homes around the world.  "Destiny", his largest piece to date, can be found hanging in the Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, VA. J's evolution from portrait artist, commercial artist, martial artist and finally equestrian artist has been an exciting journey.  J likes to say, "I can not wait to see what I will be creating in five years."  He says this, because he truly feels that art is an ever evolving study, and that mastery is a title for those that have passed on in life.  J's studio is just off of the Shenandoah River and tucked away in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can support his journey and become a patron of the arts for as little as $2 a month.  Click here. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to get the latest news, shows, classes, auctions and more! Click HERE! Here's J with his friends, Jimmy Buffett, Raliegh Warner (the mastermind that pushed it through the Virginia Congress.) and his daughter.  It was an amazing evening.  They presented Jimmy with his very own plate.  He then went on stage and said, "You can have a real license to chill in Virginia!"  The crowd cheers and J could be found with a big smile from ear to ear.  Listen to Jimmy Buffet's announcement below. ​Designer for the Virgin Island Winter Olympic Team and the record breaking Grandma Luge J met a wonderful woman in 1997 and they soon became good friends.  Her name is Anne Abernathy, or better known as Grandma Luge.  She is an athlete from the United States Virgin Islands and is the oldest female to compete in the Winter Olympics. The 2006 Winter Olympics was her sixth.  She hired J to design something for the bottom of her luge.  This is the image he created.  It was featured on an IBM ad during the Olympics.  For the next couple of Olympics J created images for Anne and the Virgin Island Winter Olympic Team.  She is training for the 2020 Summer Olympics as an archer. You can see the IBM commercial for the Nagano 1998 Olympics.  See if you can spot her logo that J created for her ... CLICK HERE!​​​​ Commission your own work of art!  We can create a work of art just for you.  We will set up a meeting to discuss what you want. You choose one of your favorite photos for J to paint from. We make owning art affordable for everyone.  For one or two subjects  we charge the same price.  $6.25 per square inch.  So you can choose the size to fit your budget.  There will be a charge for each additional subject for three or more.  So call or email us to start this beautiful artistic journey!  As a bonus, for all projects 16x20 inches or above, we will create a time-lapse video of your painting process!  Click here for samples.  What if you were hoping to make smaller payments.  Well, we have created a program to make twelve payments.  It's our Patreon program.  Click on the link below to see your options.  It doesn't get any easier than that.  Now anyone can own fine art!   Thank you for following J's art on this website, Facebook and Instagram. Even if you are new to his art or you have been following him for years. He has decided to create something special for the true art enthusiast, supporters, and lovers of art.  Yes, that means YOU!  You deserve so much more.  Now you can actually own your very own work of art.  We are now teaming up with Patreon.  Patreon is a site that allows people to support the arts.  Almost like an internet tip jar.  But, we don’t want to just ask for support.  We want to give something back ... ARTWORK. So, we created a system to spread your payments out over 12 easy payment.   You decide the level of support, choose the subject of your painting and then in one year you have your original piece of art.For as little as  $2 a month you will become a patron and gain access to all of the time lapse videos, chat community, special patron offers, plus two video series “Drawing on our past” and “Easel chat”, and so much more that is still being created for you.
What’s exciting is that we have developed this to allow more people to afford his art.  So many people have told us that they wished that they could afford his art.  Now YOU can.  That’s not all. Plus you have extra benefits that are included in the different patron levels.  From free note cards to a one night stay at a five star resort and a spa massage for the extreme patrons that want it all. Have we got your attention?  We hope so.  We have created a new adventure together. It’s not for everyone.  But, you’ve said you want to own a piece of my art, but you never thought you could afford it. One last thing.  A Charter Patron lapel pin has been created that will only given be to you and the other 99 people that join first. Click on the link to my Patreon site right now. It’s easy.  J will be waiting there to welcome you.  Let’s create YOUR work of art.  nudes original female male luxurious one of a kind best well known artist

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