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"Highly recommended for those who want to learn classic techniques with a flair of great ease and fun!  

J believes everyone is an artist and no matter what level of artist you think you are, he will help you believe in yourself AND you will develop great skills. 

I am taking everything he is offering!"

 - Carla O'Brien

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Become an Inspired Artist

​Inspire, motivate and challenge the artist within you

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I am passionate about one thing … the thought that anyone can create art if they want to. If you are a beginner you should expect to be at the beginning.

There is no magic fairy dust that makes you an artist. Study, time, patient, and then rinse and repeat! Fail sometimes, have victories on other times. Even seasoned artists have their good and bad days. This could be your inspired first step into a fun new world of art, or a the boost you need to continued stepping with into your passion.  Your talent is waiting for you!