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Inspire, motivate and challenge the artist within you

Excuse Free Art

I’ve created an online program that is just as powerful for the “beginner” as it is for the seasoned artist who just needs an extra boost to get over a creative bump. You control the amount of classes and how fast you progress. There’s now pressure. 

You are always saying, “I wish I could draw, but i cant even draw a stick figure.”  Forget the stick figure. I cant help you draw an actual figure. 

My morning thought is, “I can only do what I an willing to try.” ... and then keep trying until one day I will realize that I’m no longer trying ... I’m doing.”

Stop trying to prove that you can’t create art and start actually trying art. It’s a journey that I can help you get back on the path. Join me in my studio and let’s see where YOUR art takes you.    #excusefreeart