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"I have found J to be extremely easy to work with, totally committed to meeting every requirement put before him, and satisfied with nothing but the highest quality and timeliness of the results."  - Bob Gardner

"J's art is beyond amazing. It has incredible movement. It is sensual and passionate. I am proud to have his work displayed in my beautiful home in Fairfax, Virginia."  - Cindy Battino

"A moment of stillness comes to life as you stroll within J's paintings.  I say that because obviously his art is still, but if one takes the time to stroll within it, indeed it comes to life." - Kelly Gislason

"You MUST see the paintings in person to truly appreciate J's artwork, the internet does not do them justice!"   - Carla O'Brien

“My Artist!”  - Sheila C. Johnson

"Well, what can I say? No one ever likes his own portrait 100% - except me!!! 100%! You did a fantastic job, lot of heart and soul in it. You see this in my features of my face, my inquisitive eyes, as well as my more than quixotical personality!  I am an open book to those looking at your work!  Cheers!"  - Mike Ueltzen

"His artwork is beautiful and he's got a wonderful sense of humor and a gracious heart. Thumbs up, my friend."  - Christine Smithwick Evans

"J did a fantastic job on a painting of my mother, commissioned as a wedding gift from my husband. The style and technique J used captured my mother’s soul in her eyes in the painting. Her spirit, strength, and sense of humor are all caught in her expression. I love the painting and am impressed by all of his work. As a person, J is incredibly sweet, good natured, full of positive energy and puts everyone at ease. I highly recommend his artwork."  - Mary Tere

"Breathtaking art work and a heck of a nice guy!"   - Gene Lane

"This Guy!  A loving friend for over 20 years.  An incredible artist.  He has a gift for helping everyone feel and be capable of anything. If you know my kids you know how amazing that is!  J was my daughter’s first art teacher when she was 10. She was so sick with Lyme then, J gave her not only great art skills but something to look forward to everyday. Everybody who knows him, adores him.  Highly recommended for those who want to learn classic techniques with a flair of great ease and fun!  J believes everyone is an artist and no matter what level of artist you think you are, he will help you believe in yourself AND you will develop great skills."

 - Carla O'Brien

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